[Seen in 2020]

In theatres only:

  1. Only Cloud Knows (A List)
  2. Cleo from 5 to 7 (SIFF vol)
  3. Adoring (A List)
  4. Vagabond (SIFF vol)
  5. Uncut Gems (SIFF vol)
  6. Midnight Family (A List)
  7. Duet for Cannibals ($7)
  8. Varda by Agnes (SIFF vol)
  9. Jojo Rabbit (A List)
  10. The Gleaners & I (SIFF vol)
  11. Faces Places (SIFF vol)
  12. Underwater (A List)
  13. Just Mercy (A List)
  14. White Snake (SIFF vol)
  15. A Chinese Ghost Story ($12)
  16. Little Joe (SIFF vol)
  17. 1917 (SIFF vol)
  18. The Rhythm Section (A List)
  19. Gretel & Hansel (A List)
  20. Birds of Prey (A List)
  21. Parasite (B&W)(3rd time)(SIFF vol)
  22. Portrait of a Lady on Fire (SIFF vol)
  23. Birds of Prey (2nd time)(A List)
  24. The Beast Must Die (Noir City)(SIFF vol)
  25. The Black Vampire (Noir City)(SIFF vol)
  26. And Then We Danced (SIFF vol)
  27. Razzia (Noir City)(SIFF vol)
  28. Le Doulos (Noir City)(SIFF vol)
  29. Any Number Can Win (Noir City)(SIFF vol)
  30. Beanpole (SIFF vol)
  31. Branded to Kill (Noir City)(SIFF vol)
  32. Pale Flower (Noir City)(SIFF vol)
  33. The Rusty Knife (Noir City)(SIFF vol)
  34. The Facts of Murder (Noir City)(SIFF vol)
  35. A Woman’s Face (Noir City)(SIFF vol)
  36. Never Let Go (Noir City)(SIFF vol)
  37. Victim (Noir City)(SIFF vol)
  38. The Devil Strikes at Midnight (Noir City)(SIFF vol)
  39. Black Gravel (Noir City)(SIFF vol)
  40. Corpus Christi (SIFF vol)
  41. The Lodge (A List)
  42. The Photograph (A List)
  43. The County (Nordic Lights)
  44. Sticks & Stones (Nordic Lights)
  45. Happy Ending (Nordic Lights)
  46. The Hypnotist (Nordic Lights)
  47. My Life as a Comedian (Nordic Lights)
  48. Nordic Shorts (Nordic Lights)
  49. Perfect Patient (Nordic Lights)
  50. Harajuku (Nordic Lights)
  51. The Seer and the Unseen (Nordic Lights)
  52. Agnes Joy (Nordic Lights)
  53. Laugh or Die (Nordic Lights)
  54. Emma (SIFF vol)
  55. Emma (2nd time)(SIFF vol)
  56. Seberg (A List)
  57. Birds of Prey (3rd time)(A List)
  58. Premature (SIFF vol)
  59. Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2nd time)(SIFF vol)
  60. Emma (3rd time)(SIFF vol)
  61. The Invisible Man (A List)