[Seen in 2019]

In theatres only:

    1. On the Basis of Sex (A List)
    2. Bridging the Gap (A List)
    3. Hale County This Morning, This Evening (A List)
    4. Children of Men (revival)($17)
    5. Becoming Astrid (free)(SIFF volunteer)
    6. Replicas (A List)
    7. Doctor Strangelove or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb ($17)
    8. A Clockwork Orange ($17)
    9. Ben Is Back (A List)
    10. Mary Queen of Scots (A List)
    11. Detour (free)(SIFF volunteer)
    12. The Favourite (free)(SIFF volunteer)
    13. They Shall Not Grow Old ($6)
    14. Cold War (free)(SIFF volunteer)
    15. Ralph Breaks the Internet (A List)
    16. The Muppet Movie (free)(SIFF volunteer)
    17. Can You Ever Forgive Me? (2nd time)(A List)
    18. The Adventures of Prince Achmed ($7)
    19. Shoplifters (2nd time)(free)(SIFF volunteer)
    20. Mirai (free)(SIFF volunteer)
    21. Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse (2nd time)(free)
    22. The Heiresses (free)(SIFF volunteer)
    23. Miss Behavior (A List)
    24. Integrity (A List)
    25. The Wandering Earth (A List)
    26. Police Story (free)(SIFF volunteer)
    27. Police Story 2 (free)(SIFF volunteer)
    28. Capernaum (free)(SIFF volunteer)
    29. Oscar Animated Shorts (free)(SIFF volunteer)
    30. Fall in Love at First Kiss (A List)
    31. Trapped (free)(SIFF vol)(Noir City)
    32. The File on Thelma Jordon (free)(SIFF vol)(Noir City)
    33. The Well (free)(SIFF vol)(Noir City)
    34. Detective Story (free)(SIFF vol)(Noir City)
    35. The Turning Point (free)(SIFF vol)(Noir City)
    36. Angel Face (free)(SIFF vol)(Noir City)
    37. Pickup on South Street (free)(SIFF vol)(Noir City)
    38. City that Never Sleeps (free)(SIFF vol)(Noir City)
    39. Pushover (free)(SIFF vol)(Noir City)
    40. Private Hell 36 (free)(SIFF vol)(Noir City)
    41. Kiss Me Deadly (free)(SIFF vol)(Noir City)
    42. Killer’s Kiss (free)(SIFF vol)(Noir City)
    43. The Scarlet Hour (free)(SIFF vol)(Noir City)
    44. A Kiss Before Dying (free)(SIFF vol)(Noir City)
    45. Nightfall (free)(SIFF vol)(Noir City)
    46. The Burglar (free)(SIFF vol)(Noir City)
    47. Touch of Evil (free)(SIFF vol)(Noir City)
    48. Murder by Contract (free)(SIFF vol)(Noir City)
    49. The Crimson Kimono (free)(SIFF vol)(Noir City)
    50. Odds Against Tomorrow (free)(SIFF vol)(Noir City)
    51. Cold War (2nd time)(free)(SIFF vol)
    52. Burning (2nd time)(free)(SIFF vol)
    53. Laila (revival)($8)
    54. Arctic (A List)
    55. Fighting with My Family (A List)
    56. Greta (A List)
    57. Woman at War (NLFF)($65 pass)
    58. Summer Children (NLFF)
    59. Wonderland (NLFF)
    60. Handle with Care ((NLFF)
    61. Nordic Shorts (NLFF)
    62. Land of Hope (NLFF)
    63. Goliath (NLFF)
    64. Darling (NLFF)
    65. Dreams by the Sea (NLFF))
    66. For All Our Fathers Fought (NLFF)
    67. East of Sweden (NLFF)
    68. The Legend of the Demon Cat (free)(SIFF vol)
    69. To Dust (free)(SIFF vol)
    70. Captain Marvel ($17)
    71. SFFSFF ($22)
    72. Everybody Knows (free)(SIFF vol)
    73. Captain Marvel (2nd time)($17)
    74. Furie (A List)
    75. Apollo 11 (A List)
    76. Captive State (A List)
    77. Nancy Drew (A List)
    78. More Than Blue (A List)
    79. The Crossing (A List)
    80. Us (free)(SIFF vol)
    81. A Breath Away (free)(SIFF vol)
    82. Us (2nd time)(free)(SIFF vol)
    83. Giant Little Ones (A List)
    84. Cruel Intentions (A List)
    85. War and Peace (free)(SIFF vol)
    86. Transit (free)(SIFF vol)