[Piñata: Survival Island]

To explain this viewing choice, you have to know that and I have started “Gilmore Girls” night on Fridays, but we turn it off in time to watch “Doctor Who“. While waiting for that to come on this week, we caught the end of one of AMC’s Fear Friday (or whatever) selections: Puppet Master, which was hilariously bad. During a commercial break we saw an ad for the next feature, Piñata: Survival Island, where more toys were promised to run amok. And Nick Brendon! Erm. Not running amok. Just -in- it and all. So we simply had to watch.

We were weak. We admit this. And oh, it was hilarious and awful and I still don’t understand how they knew it -was- a killer piñata. Aside from calling Giles, of course.

Also! Nicky had a producing credit on it, which is just sad, so I clicked through the upcoming movie he also has a producing credit on, and it’s Unholy. It too looks awful! I cannot decide if I am filled with squee or sad criez! Oh, Nicky.


Though I bought it the day it came out, I didn’t have a chance to watch Jarhead until last night. I’m still amazed that there exists a Sam Mendes movie worth watching more than once (let alone buying!), and I’m sorry it came out the same year as Brokeback Mountain, because that very much overshadowed Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance here. I’m looking forward to having the time to watch the special features, but that is more of a fannish pursuit, in all honesty.

(And Peter Sarsgaard, oh my goodness. The minute I get a Netflix account all of that boy’s films are going in the queue. Starting with the one with Molly Parker.)

[Take The Lead]

Since that is the most forgettable title ever, I tend to call it The Bad Dance Movie, but that’s not terribly descriptive either, so we’ll call it The Bad Dance Movie That Stars Antonio Banderas. (Erm.)

So. I had a blast. I mean, come on. It’s a cliched genre film and it runs a little long, but it has DANCING and that is my weakness. No one should run out and see it, but if you also have a weakness for bad dance movies (it has ballroom & urban! yay!) you should Netflix it.

(Also, OH MY GOD IT WAS DOLPH FROM BUT I’M A CHEERLEADER. That was seriously driving me insane. I feel better now.)

[Thank You For Smoking]

Last night we hit a free screening of Thank You For Smoking, and dude, it was so great. Very slick. It’s been a while since I have seen such a solid comedy. Great script, timing, editing, use of the form of film (freeze frame, etc.) Pretty much everyone was fantastic. I hate to get on a bandwagon, and I loved Katie Holmes in Pieces of April, but she just added -nothing- to the picture.

It was certainly a new thing to see Aaron Eckhart in a movie and not totally hate him. (I mean, in the movies I’ve hated him in we’re -supposed- to hate him.)


You know, I actually thought Derailed might be a decent thriller. I almost went to see it in the theatre this fall, but went to Walk the Line instead. Thank heavens. Derailed turned out to be one of those movies where you know what’s going to happen all the way through (I think there was maybe one bit toward the end that surprised me, and that was it) and what’s more, you don’t really care. I didn’t buy the set-up. (And I actually like Jennifer Aniston, so that wasn’t the problem.) I was mostly irrationally irritated by the cliche parade.

RZA should be in more movies, though.

[p.s.] [Oz]

p.s. was better than I had expected it to be. I’m a fan of Laura Linney’s from way back (“Tales of the City” represent), and I am pretty shamelessly a fan of Topher Grace. Plus, it’s just nice to have a romance-with-age-difference where the woman is the older one. Das right.

And (finally) this weekend I finished the fourth season of Oz. It just keeps on breaking my heart, so of course I love it.


Oh my gosh, I keep forgetting to do this. Tsotsi, as everyone reading this probably already knows, won the Oscar for best foreign language film. Which it deserved (say I, having not seen any of the contenders. Go me and my opinions!) The lead, Presley Chweneyagae, was just brilliant, and I found myself thinking what a different (and -awful-) movie it would have been if an American studio had taken the same basic premise. This one, however, was complex and moving. Thumbs up.

[V For Vendetta]

So Sunday I was having one of those days where I was slowly dying of boredom, and if I didn’t take myself to a movie, I would just go home at 4 and go to bed. Since that would mean missing out on Stitch & Bitch, I grabbed a Stranger for the movie times and wound up going to V for Vendetta, which was a good use of the afternoon. Since I hadn’t paid that much attention to the film aside from some business issues on Hollywood Elsewhere, there was a good deal of HITG squee, which is always fun. It sort of seems like if you know the graphic novel you hate the movie, and if you don’t know it you love it. I haven’t read it, and I am somewhere in between. Bits of it are muddled and bits of it are fantastic. And there are more fantastic bits than muddled bits. So there you go.

[Walk the Line] [Doctor Who]

Now is the time on Sprockets where we catch up! I bought Walk the Line the day it came out, and I watched it last week. Still awesome. Possibly because I am a sucker for biopics and films about music and also I was raised country.

Also awesome is that “Doctor Who” is now showing in the States. We got the first two episodes of the Ninth Doctor on Friday night. I intend to enjoy SciFi while I have it. (Though I have to say, I was mid-row at the end of “The End of the World” and wound up watching ten minutes of SGA. That show is just bad. Not that I was in danger of adding that fandom before, but now, definitely not.)