[The Danish Girl]

I’ve been asked a few times recently about The Danish Girl, which I’ve been hesitant to speak much about because I’m a cis woman and I don’t feel I have the background or experience required to talk about what’s wrong with it. However, I’m also starting to feel as if I saw a completely different picture from everyone else, so here goes.

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There’s a scene in Carol where Therese (Rooney Mara) is seated alone at small cafe table. A male character we’ve met briefly spots her and immediately sits across from her, uninvited.

Over his shoulder, we see Carol (Cate Blanchett) return to the room, register his presence, pull up a chair, and seat herself between them. They have their own intimate conversation in the spaces between his attempts to engage, not that he appears to notice.

(I’m pretty sure I said “UGH MEN” out loud right there in the theater.)

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I came out of Spotlight with one of those headaches that you get for trying not to cry for two hours. I’d expected it to be maybe not the most uplifting night out at the cinema, but I hadn’t expected to be so torn up emotionally by a movie that’s in a lot of ways an ode to journalism. But as I sat there watching the credits scroll up, I was glad I had gone alone. This was definitely not a movie I wanted to talk about on the walk home.

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