[2003 film round-up]

Features, in no real order: American Splendor, The Event, House of Sand & Fog, Lost in Translation, Whale Rider, Return of the King, Master & Commander

Also: Thirteen, The Magdalene Sisters

Documentaries: Capturing the Friedmans, Spellbound

Animated: Triplets of Belleville

Musical: Yes Nurse, No Nurse

Shorts collection: 9’11″01

[2002 film round-up]

Best feature: The Pianist

Runners-up: The Business of Fancydancing, Rabbit-Proof Fence, Talk to Her, City of God,Spirited Away.

Jury prize: Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, Punch-Drunk Love, Lovely and Amazing, The Good Girl, About Schmidt.

Best documentary: Bowling for Columbine, Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns.

Sexiest: Secretary, Y Tu Mama Tambien.

Gayest: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

Best musicals: 8 Women, The Happiness of the Katakuris, Chicago.

Second best John C Reilly movie: The Hours.

Best popcorn movie: Spider-man, Catch Me if You Can.