[TV on DVD] [Serenity]

Yesterday I finished the first season of “Oz”, which could teach “Lost” a thing or two about the use of flashbacks. That’s not really fair — flashbacks serve different roles in the two shows. “Lost” should really learn more from “Veronica Mars”. Not that I’ve managed to see much this season, but that’s beside the point.

But ragging on “Lost” is just too darn easy anyway. I’m working my way back through “Wonderfalls”, which is a gem, and thus, of course, was cancelled. My FOX rage knows no bounds. I’ve been disproportionately upset about the recent cancellation of “Kitchen Confidential”. I think it’s just all the FOX rage built up and exploded there. Of -course- it didn’t get the ratings. It wasn’t promoted, it ran four episodes cut through with a six week hiatus, and really, did they ever intend to keep it, or did they always mean to cut it for still more “American Idol”? I have to wonder.

Speaking of shows FOX screwed over, I watched Serenity with commentary this afternoon. I’ve been working on my year-in-film post for the primary journal (which is why I started this one — I discovered I have a terrible memory for what films I manage to see let alone what I thought about them) and of it I ask what other film was so highly anticipated and -still- managed to totally blow me away. None, that’s what. And I always dig on Joss commentary, not because I necessarily agree with everything he has to say, but because he does have a lot of interesting things to say about writing and narrative and the creative process. So there you go.

[TV on DVD]

* I think I sleep better when I watch an episode or two of “Sports Night” first. I brought it back from Spokane, and as of last night I’m through “Rebecca”.
* The sublet has the first two seasons of “Oz”, which I watched last fall while teaching myself to knit. Seriously. I rewatched the first three episodes tonight. It’s just impossible to deal with crap like “Prison Break” (my disbelief can only be suspended so far, even for Wentworth Miller shirtless and tattooed) and “Lost” (that poor cast) after watching “Oz”. So damn good.
* Corporation-which-shall-not-be-named had “Wonderfalls” for twenty bucks. I am weak. I’m now going to watch an episode or two.

[Wilby Wonderful]

Title: Wilby Wonderful
Why: Because I had to take it back to the library today.
Worth it? Oh heavens yes. If I tried to explain why I’d be here all day. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen it, and I get nervous when people whose opinions I care about see it, because it’s strangely personal and I think it’s such a perfect little film.

[Her Royal Affair]

… or I could just begin today, as I am currently enjoying having CBC (Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion, anyone?) and so why not? Habit-building and all that.

Title: Her Royal Affair (originally titled Wallis & Edward)
Why: Because their relationship and the abdication are among those things I know -happened- but that I don’t actually know anything about, as I’m a Stupid American 😉
Worth it? Yes, it was high-caliber for a made-for-tv movie. I don’t have the background to speak to the historical accuracy, however.