[So, we had snow days. Many snow days.]


* West Wing, Season 1 was a rewatch. Such fantastic television, but you all knew that already.
* Jeeves & Wooster, Season 4. So very, very OTP.
* Black Books, Season 3. Worth it for the children’s book episode alone.


* Waydowntown, added to the queue for Don McKellar. Surprised to see Ethan from QaF US as the lead. Bunch of office workers make a bet to see who can last the longest without going outside. Not as good as it thinks it is, but better than expected. Loved the lighting — made everyone look like zombies.
* Bullitt. Awesome. Obviously.
* Drop Dead Fred. Oh Phoebe Cates. You are so pretty. I am sorry that you stopped acting to have babies.
* The Philadelphia Story. Hee. Tis fabulous, but how could it not be?
* Rub & Tug. Another added to the queue for Don. Bad idea.
* I Heart Huckabees, I loved. Don’t know why it took me so long to see it. Also, the music was fantastic, but as it was by Jon Brion that should not be a surprise.
* Poltergeist was great. Annnnd…


* …Seven Up & 7 Plus Seven are super-interesting, just in the contrast between ages seven and fourteen. I look forward to watching the rest of the series. I think they are up to 49 now.

[So, I was sick.]

* The Lost Room is utter crap. Although, we did sit through the whole thing, so who knows. And I still really want that bus ticket. The objects were cool. But seriously. Peter & Juliana. You are both hot. How is it that you have NO CHEMISTRY?

* Brick. Still awesome.

* 10 Things I Hate About You. Guilty pleasure. Can’t help it.

* The Baby-sitters Club. Oh, shut up. Also, okay. So the director also did Slap Her … She’s French. Can anyone tell me if that movie is great-terrible or just terrible-terrible? Because Piper Perabo is way cute.

* Sleepless in Seattle. So technically it’s formulaic and a stalker film. I still heart it.

* An American in Paris. Not my favorite Gene Kelly, but on the other hand, you can’t go wrong with Gene Kelly.

* The Descent. Eeee this was great. I wish it had played here for more than five minutes, because it really deserved to be seen in the theater.

[And the start of 2007]

Off to a rockin’ start with the plague and a stack from Netflix. Lady Vengeance, which I have actually had for some time, but had to wait until I was in the mood for subtitles. Beautiful, but I still think Oldboy is my favorite of the trilogy. I am a crazy person, though.

Next was Blazing Saddles, which I had somehow managed to never see before. Nuts. Someone posted a story in it to , which I haven’t read, but the mere existance of it delights me.

Then Meet Me In St Louis, which I haven’t seen since I was little. Love!

And finally, That Thing You Do! Aw. Yay. Hey! Two disc special edition director’s cut etc coming out in March. For the win!

That’s all, folks!

[Totally the end of 2006]

* Stick It. Shut up. It is awesome.
* Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. MST3Ked, though. I don’t see how one could stand to watch it otherwise.
* Bad Girls from Valley High -or- A Fate Totally Worse Than Death. This was bad, and not in an entertaining way. Oh no. It was bad in that it destroyed my will to live.
* Black Books Series 1. (Because we needed something to repair the damage from the last three movies.)
* Joyeux Noël. Interesting interview with the director about his research for the film. Apparently some stories he toned down, even though they were true, because he didn’t think the audience would believe them.
* A Streetcar Named Desire. Classic! See, sometimes I have taste!
* In Her Shoes. I love this movie. Damnit.
* Hook. Robin Williams chews scenery! There are improbably cameos! We followed it up with the most recent Peter Pan, but I was dead of plague and slept through most of it.

[Almost the end of 2006]

In the interest of clearing out the file, straight on list with links:

* My Man Godfrey. William Powell fantastic as usual, but I hate the ending. She’s so -dumb-! Perhaps this is because I was raised on The Thin Man.
* Alfie. (The original, obviously.)
* Peter’s Friends. Seriously, why is this not on DVD?
* Arrested Development Seasons 2&3. Yay!
* The Ref. Definitely my favorite Christmas movie.
* The Nightmare Before Christmas. So lucky to have this on DVD.