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* There’s a new Subtitles & Sensibility post up at Manga Bookshelf! It’s the over-the-top action edition, with Let the Bullets Fly & K-20: The Fiend with 20 Faces.

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[Subtitles & Sensibility & the State of the Socks]

I hinted at this on Twitter last night with a quick retweet, but I was recently invited to contribute a column on East Asian film over at Manga Bookshelf. Hooray! It’s called “Subtitles & Sensibility” (yes, Seattleites, it’s a nod to Moira’s Popcorn & Prejudice!), and my first piece, Three with Ken’ichi Matsuyama, is up now!

In it I take a look at recent film adaptations of Norwegian Wood, Death Note, & Gantz. Looking forward, there are films I am already excited about sharing with you all & the Manga Bookshelf crowd, but I am also always open to suggestions of titles to look into. Let me know what you think I should be watching, here or on Twitter!

As for this space, I am currently being eaten by the Oscars Death Race, and of course Noir City starts tomorrow, but I definitely want to let you know about three excellent films about masculine-of-center characters that I saw in the last month. Plus, I got to see some excellent documentaries recently, as well as most of a David Lynch festival (yes, my socks were on fire!), so hopefully I’ll be sharing all of that with you soon.

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Twitter was inevitable, I guess. It’s here. I’ve been using it for a few days, and so that’s pretty indicative of what it’ll be. Blah blah blah more movies.

I’m not following anyone I actually know yet, so don’t be all “omg why are you not following me”. Frankly, I figured, it’s a film Twitter. The appeal is pretty limited. But if you’re interested, there it is!

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Welcome, and thanks for joining me over here! Letterboxed was the last bit of content generation I was providing for LiveJournal, and I am happy to have it over here now. Importing it to WordPress was wicked easy. There’s still some clean-up I need to do — customizing the layout, deciding what tags I want to use (probably director & decade), adding avatars, recreating pages for lists of in-theater films seen in a given year — but none of that is important enough to delay getting the RSS feeds up and new content happening.

In 2006, I posted about every film I saw, be it in theater, on DVD, or otherwise. In 2007, it quickly devolved into only the films I saw in the theater. In 2008, my goal is to continue with all in-theater, as tracking that is the main point, but then also sharing other titles I think are particularly worth seeing. We’ll see how it goes. My Netflix account reactivates tomorrow, just in time to catch the last few Oscar nominees I feel obligated to see. (There aren’t that many. This photo of the side of my file cabinet shows my current Oscar list. If it’s blue, I’ve seen it. If it’s green, I refuse to. And two of the lines at the bottom will go blue when I see the shorts this week.)

Speaking of Oscars, next Saturday, select AMC theaters are running a marathon of all five Best Picture nominees for $30. Which I was going to say was a good deal, but you know how much I paid to see all of them? $18. So never mind. Also, I think if I sat through all of them in a row I would want to slit my wrists.

Films I saw in 2008 that will be getting proper mention over here soon: There Will Be Blood, Science Fiction Short Film Festival, In Bruges, The Savages, The Prowler, Gun Crazy, and The Band’s Visit. (I think that’s everything!) On DVD I’ve basically just been watching “The West Wing”, and we all already know that is awesome, so I won’t be posting about it.

That is all!