[SIFF Capsule Reviews: Batch 1]

Here, have some capsule reviews from SIFF! Maybe this will be the year I post more than one batch! Maaaaaybe.

Things I liked that should be easy to find:

* The festival opened with Paul Feig’s Spy, which on one hand almost felt like a joke to me when first announced, but on the other hand I definitely applaud elevating the work of a guy putting his money where his mouth is to change the narrative around women in Hollywood. Here it was a joy to see everything from an inversion of women-in-refrigerators, to clear examples of the causes & consequences of imposter syndrome, to women supporting each other in a way that is true and earned, not sappy.

Also, the movie was great fun, as you’d expect. It’s an homage, not a spoof, and I’ll definitely be seeing it again.

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