[Seven Samurai]

My last Janus film was Seven Samurai. I wasn’t entirely sure how it would go because I hadn’t connected with Rashômon and this film is, well, long. My concern was unnecessary, though, as it is long precisely -because- it is giving us the time to get to know & connect with each of the characters. Fantastic!


Even though it was one of the Janus films I was most excited about, Rashômon has turned out to be my least favorite of the festival. Obviously it’s well-crafted, brilliantly acted, etc, but the characters (in any incarnation, as they’re driven by different motivations in each telling) just didn’t move me like I had hoped.

I’m still glad I saw it (because obviously film has value beyond “I liked that one guy”), but the fundamental unknowability of the characters was a difficulty for me.