[One more for 07]

I took myself out to see Charlie Wilson’s War after work on Christmas Eve, thinking I deserved it (see “working” and “Christmas Eve” for starters.) I wanted to see it mostly for Aaron Sorkin’s script, from which this film is trimmed. Only about 70% of his script appears on film, smoothing it down, drawing fewer parallels to the current state of affairs, and the bookending flash-forwards hammer all the heroism home.

As it was, it’s an engaging film with all the snap you would expect from Sorkin. Hoffman is awesome. It stays with you. It’s worth a rental. But with that other 30%, with that complexity, with those guts, it could have been great.

(In state-of-the-journal news, I will likely be putting all of my seen-in-2007 into a post, then a sum-up that some of you have seen elsewhere, and then I am going to look into exporting the whole she-bang to WordPress. I will create a feed & let you know when that happens. If anyone cares 🙂 )