[In theater part two: paid & old]

Being in Seattle, I also get to see Old Stuff on the Big Screen. It RULES.

The Prowler was part of this season’s Noir City festival. I enjoyed it a lot. It’s a corrupt cop story, and I particularly liked that I never knew where it was going, right up to the end. That happens less than you’d think.

It was a double feature with Gun Crazy (with a young Russ Tamblyn in the prologue!) A forerunner to Bonnie & Clyde, with two fantastic leads, and some really great camerawork for the time, particularly with the getaway scenes.

Another night of noir featured Richard Widmark in Night and the City and Road House, the first of which is pretty much the ultimate noir role, and the second of which was a rather strange movie but totally engaging.

Finally, Cinerama ran Lawrence of Arabia again, and how could I resist? The first time I saw it for the whole package, this time I saw it for the visuals. Maybe next time I’ll watch it for the dialogue. It was best not to do that this time, as the sound dropped out for a bit near the intermission. Fail, Cinerama, fail.

[Lawrence of Arabia]

Can I say anything about Lawrence of Arabia that hasn’t been said before? No. I cannot. All I can say is that I have waited years for the opportunity to see it in a theater, flat-out refusing to see it on video, and that it was well worth the wait.

I can’t find any evidence of this now, but I could swear that when it was up on the Cinerama website it said it was the first in a series of 70mm films they were going to present. I hope that is true, because it would be totally awesome.