[Smokin’ Aces]

Finally! Caught up! Last night I went to a free screening of Smokin’ Aces and it was utter crap. I’m still glad I went, because otherwise I might have gone later and actually paid for it. And hey, the rest of the theater seemed to enjoy it, so maybe it was just me.

I was expecting something slick, funny, and stylized, maybe in the vein of Lock Stock but with more shit blowing up like The Boondock Saints (lest you think I flat-out hate the genre). Instead I got the good bits of the trailer, strung together by a convoluted, boring plot and pointless, forgettable characters. If you’re interested in it for any particular cast member — because a few interesting people is the other way they suckered me in — ask and I’ll tell you if they survive the first reel or not.

Ryan Reynolds, though, was quite good. I’d gladly pay ten bucks to see him in a decent movie, maybe with Taraji P. Henson and Alicia Keys reprising their assasin roles, because -they- were cool. The rest, though? The suck. So much suck.