[Boys Love]

I accidentally became a boys love expert during the pandemic. I found the genre in late 2019 via Douyin because of course I did, but it was lockdown and anxiety that really made it happen. I mean, who doesn’t want gentle queer content with a guaranteed happy ending when the world is on fire? It’s a romance novel with the production value of a soap opera, and there are just SO MANY OF THEM.

Here’s my Canonical Boys Love Ranking on letterboxd, actively being updated.

Current top five: I Told Sunset About You, A Tale of Thousand Stars, HIStory 3: Trapped, Bad Buddy, Where Your Eyes Linger.

Zines, 2020-2021 (please enjoy my Fast & Furious naming system)

Love Under Lockdown:

2 Love 2 Lockdown

Better Tropes Tomorrow

Jaye & AO3: the “I’m Not Reading That” zine

The hashtag is #daysofourBL because I tag on Twitter a) so people can mute my nonsense and b) so I can look back on things myself, and BL shows are too short to bother tagging by title, when I’m not super interested in connecting with other fans (unless you are also an old queer person in which case please come sit next to me so we can talk about how much we love P’Aof and want only good things for our nong.)

(And Days of Our Bl for Days of Our Lives, the soap opera of choice for my extended family when I was a tiny child.)