[2022 Film Wrap-up]

Total in theatre: 116 (full list here)
Revival: 15

The strategy again is looking at anything I watched for the first time in 2022 that had a release date of 2020-2022. I do what I want!

Favorites: After Yang, The Eternal Daughter, Everything Everywhere All at Once, Decision to Leave, Drive My Car, Great Freedom, Parallel Mothers, Petite Maman.

Also: Aftersun, Ali & Ava, The Banshees of Inisherin, Girl Picture, Hatching, Know Your Place, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, Memoria, A New Old Play, Together Together, Turning Red, The Woman King.

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Most fun: Alienoid Pt 1, Glass Onion, It’s a Summer Film!, The Lost City, Official Competition, Too Cool to Kill.

Favorite queer films: Finlandia, Fire Island, Please Baby Please, Sediments, Wildhood.

Best documentaries: Children of the Mist, Fire of Love, Good Night Oppy, Is That Black Enough for You?!?

Film festival faves: The Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titanic, Goodbye Soviet Union (this is what Belfast should have been PS I hated Belfast), A Love Song, Ninjababy, Unidentified Objects, Voice of Silence.

Best shorts: “Bestia,” “Encore Martha,” “Lollygag,” “New Moon,” “Noor & Layla” (also “The Syed Family Xmas Eve Game Night” give Fawzia Mirza a feature you cowards!), “Please Hold”, “Tank Fairy.”

Best holiday tv movies: Hanukkah on Rye, The 12 Days of Christmas Eve.

In a class of their own: Met HD Live: The Hours & Phantom: The Musical.

Best TV: The English, Hacks, A League of Their Own, Somebody Somewhere, Sort Of, Station Eleven, Under the Banner of Heaven.

Best BL: About Youth, Bad Buddy, Old Fashion Cupcake, Semantic Error, To My Star 2.

Anyway I know last year I said that I would be back in this space, but this year I actually mean it. Even if no one else is still here!

What did you love that I missed? Loads, I bet; tell me what to look for!

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  1. I’m dying to know your opinion on Tár. I loved it, but I can understand why you wouldn’t.

    (P.S, You’re one of the things I miss most about Twitter!)

    1. I found it *riveting*, and I saw it before I encountered any discourse, which thank goodness for that. I’m curious to revisit it when it hits streaming – tomorrow, I think? Now I’m thinking about why it didn’t land on here, & I think it’s because I saw it the same day as Aftersun & putting this together I realized that 2022 was firmly the year of parent-child movies for me.

      & good to hear from you! I have not felt interested in any of the landing sites of the Twitter exodus, which certainly makes life quieter, but I do miss it too.

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