[2020 Film Wrap-Up]

Total: 61 (full list here)
Revival: 23
Avg cost: $2.40, which is not bad considering I think I paid for a month of A List that I didn’t use.

Wrap-ups for previous years live under the year-end tag & I just spent my first year on letterboxd where I’m wickedjaws. My 2020 stats are here.

No one needs me to tell you it was a weird year. The last film I saw in the theater was The Invisible Man on March 13th. I was the only person in the second-largest house at Pacific Place, which was possibly the best, creepiest way to watch it. But since then, it’s been hard to get excited about new movies, even when there are exciting new movies to be had. I just don’t enjoy paying $10-20 to watch a movie alone on my television.

So instead, I watched a lot of free theater, mostly opera, which is listed here. And I also got deeper into trashy television, by which I mean BL & mostly Thai, which I wrote dumb zines about here and here.

I did watch some good films in those two and a half months (here’s my best of the decade because why not), and I did stream a little new work, mostly through festivals, so let’s give this a go anyway. For tradition’s sake & in no particular order:

Best films: First Cow, Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Emma, Birds of Prey, Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Best films directed by men: The Personal History of David Copperfield, Beanpole, And Then We Danced, Sylvie’s Love, Your Name Engraved Herein

More categories after the jump.

Favorite horror films: Black Box, She Dies Tomorrow, Amulet

More favorite queer films: Alice Junior, Monsoon, Happy Ending, Valentina, Where Your Eyes Linger, The Half of It, Shirley, Twilight’s Kiss, Two of Us, “I Told Sunset About You” (my site my rules)

Favorite superhero films using my generous definition of superhero: The County, The Old Guard, Togo, The Legend of Tomris

Favorite romcoms: The Christmas Set-up (look, it was a weird year), Palm Springs, “2gether: the Series” (yeah I said it)

Best documentaries: PS Burn This Letter Please, City Hall, The Donut King, The World Is Bright, Since I Been Down

Best shorts: Who Can Predict What Will Move You, The Mistress, Buying Ears, Kiss of the Rabbit God, The Distance Between Us and the Sky, In Full Bloom, Bermuda

So, that’s that! I don’t anticipate seeing a movie in a theater until 2022, so things will probably stay quiet around here for now, but I’ll still be watching old stuff and trash at home, and to follow that you can find me on Twitter and/or Letterboxd.