[What Did Jaci Think? Early April]

First off, I got good and mad and wrote a standalone on sports doc In Search of Greatness. (I don’t know where all those sports feelings came from either.)

Onward! Wonder Woman was not the best Wonder Woman movie that came out in 2017 (that honor obviously goes to Professor Marston & the Wonder Women, which you should absolutely check out) but Captain Marvel is the best Captain Marvel movie of 2019. Shazam! tries its best, though. It’s goofy & kind of adorable, and the final showdown is pretty great, but the film is weighed down by Mark Strong’s dour villain. Also, it leans into the Big comparison, which is apt, but it suffers by it too, as Zachary Levi is no Tom Hanks. (He’s also no Marsai Martin, who had me fully believing she was a tiny, angry Regina Hall in Little.)

An acquaintance hailed me from across the lobby at work to ask if I liked High Life, which is basically an impossible question to answer. I don’t think it’s the kind of movie that you like or don’t like. It’s sad and beautiful, strange and horrifying, and basically nothing that happens in it is consensual. I’m glad I saw it, how about that.

As for at home viewing, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ended, and it was perfect. The whole series is on Netflix now, if you want to see the finale I always wanted but never thought I would get. What a journey. PS Donna Lynne Champlin is my queen.

I also watched a less-than-legal copy of Jean of the Joneses, a film I recommend seeking out legally if you’re in Canada, otherwise good luck I guess. It’s a woman-centered family dramedy with a side of romance, and that romance is with Mamoudou Athie who should be in SO MANY MORE ROMCOMS. Get on that, world.

Finally, two rewatches: Killing Eve (which is the best thing on television that I watch anyway, ps the second season is also terrific so far) & Infinity War (which was a fucking slog and I plan on never watching it again.)