[2017 Film Wrap-Up]

Total: 275 (full list)
Revival: 70
SIFF: 80 (20-odd more than usual, thanks to the once-in-a-lifetime 3P)
Free: 104
…total cost: $619.50, or $2.25 a film

Wrap-ups for previous years live under the year-end tag, & if a film is linked here, it’s probably to the Instagram post I wrote on it for my #lastweekslove project.

Films of my heart: Call Me By Your Name, Columbus, Lady Bird, The Shape of Water.

And of course: BPM, Get Out, Colossal, The Wedding Plan, Professor Marston & the Wonder Women, Novitiate, Mudbound, A Ghost Story, Personal Shopper, The Big Sick, Menashe

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Films I dug where the trailer makes me desperately want to see them again: I, Tonya, The Square.

Films of my heart that technically came out last year: Paterson, 20th Century Women, I Am Not Your Negro, Certain Women, Toni Erdmann.

Favorite queer films not already mentioned: Zoology (damn right this is a queer film I’ll fight you), The Feels, Battle of the Sexes, Handsome Devil (there are not enough friendship movies), Rift (also A++ knitwear).

Favorite documentaries: Ex Libris, Dolores, Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World (still need a miniseries of this like *breathing*), Chavela, Dawson City: Frozen Time, Obit, Abacus: Small Enough to Jail (I dare you to watch this and not fall in love with this family), Step (I dare you to watch this and not cry), Faces Places (I dare you to watch this & not want to punch Godard in the nose).

Favorite animated films: Ethel & Ernest, In This Corner of the World, CocoYour Name.

Most fun at the movies: Bad Black (I’m still not sold on the ethics of the white dude shopping this around to festivals, but I am sold on the pure joy of cinema, the hype man narrator, & the badass ladies), Thor: Ragnarok, PattiCake$, Star Wars TFW & TLJ double feature.

Favorite festival experiences: Soul on a String (meditative, gorgeous, captivating), Sami Blood, Faraoses shorts at Nordic Lights (it’s not the jam of the grey-hair crowd that attends, but I really hope we get creepy af features from some of these folks in the future), Kati Kati (a beautiful Kenyan film about the afterlife), Wife & Husband (Italian body-swap comedy with terrific physical performances).

Best revivals: Dog Day Afternoon, a full house for Tampopo, Daughters of the Dust, Better Luck Tomorrow, Noir City as always, Cabaret (despite the fact that I got pulled onstage during the drag show opener), Infernal Affairs, All that Jazz, Monterey Pop, & Lawrence of Arabia, obviously.

Film I walked out of: The Little Hours, once I determined goddamned national treasure Lauren Weedman was probably not coming back & I’d rather spend the rest of my shift reading.

Films I should have walked out of: Detroit, mother!, most of what I saw at French Cinema Now.

Films I haven’t seen yet because life is complicated and so is time and space: First They Killed My Father, Phantom Thread, The Post, A Fantastic Woman, probably more.

Movies not on this list at all that you need to yell at me about: Only you know the answer to this one, & you should tell me on Twitter.

Films I saw more than once (this is always slightly warped by the new year; f’rex in past years I saw Carol five times in the theater and Moonlight three, and this year it’s The Shape of Water & Lady Bird getting burned; I know I’ll see them each a third time.)

This year I subscribed to FilmStruck, which I pontificate about at the drop of a hat. Ten faves new to me this year that I encountered there: Girlfriends, Brother from Another Planet, Tokyo Drifter, The Watermelon Woman, The Servant, Eyes Without a Face, The Man Who Haunted Himself, Good Morning, Roxie Hart, Mon Oncle Antoine.

Things wot are not film!

TV that was new (to me at least) in 2017 & made my life better: Yuri on Ice, One Day at a Time, The Bold Type, One Mississippi, & I don’t know where else to put this, so Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King.

Musical obsessions: Here Lies Love (still sad I never made it back for a second show, dang it running during SIFF), Come From Away (looking forward to sobbing through this at the 5th Avenue next year), & of course finally seeing Fun Home.

National Theatre highlights: Tamsin Greig in Twelfth Night, Angels in America.

Podcasts: Wolf 359, Queery, Nancy.

And for the third summer in a row I completed a blackout card for Book Bingo, my second summer of reading only WOC. Excellent. My card is on Instagram here.