[SIFF2017 Storified]

I experimented with Storify today to collect my #SIFF2017 tweets & Instas before they drift off into the cyber-ether.

Edit 1/6/18: which was foolish, because Storify itself is drifting off into the cyber-ether! I’m going to break it down into four posts for ease of loading.


Seattle International Film Festival, 2017

This was my 21st SIFF, & I blew past my usual passholder total (low 60s) for a new high of 80. This is a low high, the lowest highest point if you will, but I think about as high as you can get while working full time and occasionally sleeping. Join me on the journey!

Week one tweets & instas after the jump!

A truck took out the overhang and the marquee of the Egyptian in October, and it still hasn’t been replaced. Yay bureaucracy!

I took vacation for the week that SIFF started, with the idea that I could catch some press screenings and still do laundry. I also picked up 20+ hours of volunteers shifts that week, which goes to show I don’t understand the meaning of the word “vacation”.

I got to go to Opening Night, which was a blast. The Big Sick was terrific fun, sweet & hilarious, & made by people who clearly love romantic comedies. I did not go to the party, so I guess that unlimited drinks wristband was kinda wasted on me.

Part two, part three, & part four.