[2016 Film Round-Up]

Total: 222 (full list here)
Revival: 62 (of course, that does include The Room.)
SIFF: 65
Free: 94
…total of $572.35, giving us an average ticket price of $2.58. The cost of living keeps on a-rising.

(Previous years live under the year-end tag.)

Best film: Moonlight and The Fits, both of which deal with a particular experience, both of which focus on black youth, and both of which deal specifically with gender presentation and expectations. This pairing is a coincidence; they’re both here because they’re both terrific.

Also: Torrey Pines and Lemonade, because movies don’t have to be long, y’all.

Other beloveds: A Bride for Rip Van Winkle, SoulMate, Sing Street, La La Land, Certain Women, Sunset Song, Silence

And: Little Men, Our Little Sister, Mustang, American Honey, I Am Not Madame Bovary

Two thirds of a terrific movie, shame about the sex: The Handmaiden

Favorite popcorn movie: Ghostbusters (obviously), The Mermaid (which deserved to be a blockbuster in the US too; it’s the highest grossing film ever in China, and it’s delightful)

Favorite documentary: Cameraperson (both for its consideration of the state of being human and the state of being a body operating a camera), plus Eight Days a Week (for being such a joyful evening at the movies), Tickled (for being batshit), and Hooligan Sparrow (for showing the cost of resistance and the cost of documenting resistance.)

Favorite scary-slash-genre movies, whatever that even means: Under the Shadow, The Invitation, The Witch, The Ones Below, The Wailing, Train to Busan

Best biopic: Born To Be Blue

Worst biopic: I Saw the Light (terrible waste of a cast that could have done a better script justice)

Accessible movies from directors who are usually weirder: High-Rise, The Lobster

Favorite performances: Matt Smith in Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, Jumpy the Dog in In a Valley of Violence, Channing Tatum for the “No Dames” sequence of Hail Caesar!, Betsy Brandt in Claire in Motion, Samantha Robinson in The Love Witch, Gillian Jacobs in Don’t Think Twice, Viola Davis in Fences

Best performance by Michelle Williams: Certain Women (I will never get over this, sorry not sorry Manchester by the Sea)

Best superhero origin movie: 10 Cloverfield Lane, Midnight Special (even though it shows too much at the end)

Best animated character: the baby radish monster king from Monster Hunt

Movie I saw twice and still don’t know how I feel about it, but also definitely best ending: Neon Demon

Biggest wasted opportunity: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (and now we have to deal with FOUR MORE MOVIES and also Johnny Depp have we not suffered enough.)

Best knitwear in a garbage movie: The Light Between Oceans

Festival favorites: Rams (also best knitwear in a great movie), Angry Indian Goddesses (anyone expecting this to be fluffy did not pay attention to the opening sequence let alone the rest of the film), Girl Asleep (best Alice in Wonderland story in ages)

Favorite queer movie: Closet Monster (this is a premise that could have easily gone super wrong, but didn’t; also, hottest kiss.) and Suicide Kale (a literally no-budget movie; give these women some money already)

Favorite Revival: director’s cut of Until the End of the World, the return of Noir City (especially My Name Is Julia Ross and this year’s focus on women, more please!), Pioneers of African-American Cinema, It’s a Wonderful Life on 35mm, River of Grass.

…and this isn’t a movie, but the Prince singalong at the Egyptian was pretty terrific when it immediately turned into a dance party with so many of my favorite people and SIFFraff (well I guess SIFFraff are also people).

Movies I Did Not Adore Like Everyone Else, The Fact of Which Proves I Have a Tiny Stone Heart: Captain Fantastic (aka White People Nonsense: the Movie), A Man Called Ove & The Hunt for the Wilderpeople (both of which are fine, but waaaaaay overhyped, also Boy is a better film than Wilderpeople and Rams is a vastly superior grumpy-old-Nordic-man film come at me), Don’t Think Twice (because it turns out I just am not a fan of Birbiglia; without him I think I would have liked it a lot).

Movies I have yet to see because they haven’t opened here yet but I bet I’ll love: Hidden Figures, 20th Century Women, Paterson, I Am Not Your Negro, and Toni Erdmann.

Movies I have yet to see that are streaming so I have no excuse: Spa Night, Sand Storm, Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party, Mountains May Depart, Krisha, Green Room. Sorry sorry I spent the last two months watching The Dick Van Dyke Show instead.

Movies not on this list at all that you need to yell at me about: Only you know the answer to this one, but if you want a response you should probably yell on Twitter.

Films I saw more than once (plus Closet Monster, which I saw twice but somehow missed on here):