[Five Questions about Prometheus]

I kind of hated Prometheus. I mean, it was beautiful & weird & Michael Fassbender as Bowie of Arabia was amazing. I would watch an entire film just about David. But it was a film where characters were in service to the plot rather than vice versa, & at the end I did have these Very Important Questions:

1) Is Elizabeth Shaw any relation to Elizabeth Shaw?

2) What is the point of casting Guy Pearce & then forcing him to spend the entire film in old man makeup?

3) How did no one on the ship meet each other until the end of the trip? WTF kind of shitty HR is that? They couldn’t even manage to have drinks at some point before they went into stasis?

4) What did the alien baby feed on to grow?

5) Not everyone on the ship was accounted for at the end. That’s not a question. Just. Sucks for them, I guess.

I should admit that I had limited Alien experience going into this. I have seen the first one, plus about 20 minutes of the one with Winona Ryder, but I stopped watching when I was informed her character was never going to make out with Ripley. Priorities.