[SIFF 2012 Sneak Peek]

Are we ready for SIFF? I sure am. This is my 16th year attending and, thanks to my new gig at Manga Bookshelf, my first year attending the press launch.


* I’m really digging the Northwest focus this year. Opening night is Lynn Shelton’s Your Sister’s Sister. I have a complicated relationship with Shelton, but I liked this one a lot. Also, it’s just cool that a lady is opening the festival in this year where Cannes didn’t think any film directed by a lady was worth watching. Closing night is Grassroots, which shot literally around the corner from my apartment. You don’t get much more local than that.

* I’m looking forward to the tribute to Sissy Spacek. I am over the moon to have the opportunity to see Malik’s gorgeous Badlands on the big screen. Also screening at festival Carrie & Coal Miner’s Daughter. Tempting!

* Other revival: The Chase (I’ve never gone wrong with noir at SIFF), the William Friedkin stuff (obviously), Only Yesterday, Two for the Road, & more!

* Titles I had hoped desperately would be included: Keyhole, Take This Waltz, Wuthering Heights, & Dragon. YAAAY!

* Titles I hadn’t even known to hope for: Cloudburst (the new Thom Fitzgerald — he was a SIFF Emerging Master a few years back), Trishna (Winterbottom’s Tess adaptation), Dreams of a Life (I read about this woman a few months back, but didn’t know that a film was being made), Hello I Must Be Going, early screenings of Brave & Moonrise Kingdom

…and that’s just one spin through the titles. Just wait til I have the proper guide & the programmer recommendations. I don’t even know what the midnights are yet! And they usually have a strong documentary lineup. Plus Shorts Fest! And *guests*!

It’s all happening!

Full lineup & ticket info will be available beginning May 3rd on the SIFF website.