[Subtitles & Sensibility & the State of the Socks]

I hinted at this on Twitter last night with a quick retweet, but I was recently invited to contribute a column on East Asian film over at Manga Bookshelf. Hooray! It’s called “Subtitles & Sensibility” (yes, Seattleites, it’s a nod to Moira’s Popcorn & Prejudice!), and my first piece, Three with Ken’ichi Matsuyama, is up now!

In it I take a look at recent film adaptations of Norwegian Wood, Death Note, & Gantz. Looking forward, there are films I am already excited about sharing with you all & the Manga Bookshelf crowd, but I am also always open to suggestions of titles to look into. Let me know what you think I should be watching, here or on Twitter!

As for this space, I am currently being eaten by the Oscars Death Race, and of course Noir City starts tomorrow, but I definitely want to let you know about three excellent films about masculine-of-center characters that I saw in the last month. Plus, I got to see some excellent documentaries recently, as well as most of a David Lynch festival (yes, my socks were on fire!), so hopefully I’ll be sharing all of that with you soon.

If you’re not already following me on Twitter you should consider it. I post regular Tuesday Netflix recommendations & weekend film suggestions, and I’d like you to tell me what films I should be seeing as well!