[SciFi and Fantasy Short Film Festival 2011]

I’m pretty sure that I haven’t made it out for the SciFi shorts since the very first year they did it, which is pretty appalling. This is their sixth year, running two feature-length sessions full of short films at the Cinerama, and combo tickets for the evening sold out ten days in advance. Hooray Seattle!

Aside from the films, it’s just a fun environment, the Cinerama full of nerds ready for four hours of film. Also, in an excellent show of knowing one’s audience, they put the hashtag for the festival in the program and streamed tweets on the screen in between sessions.

Shorts can be a really mixed bag, but the selection this year was pretty good. Of the 21 shorts, these were some of my favorites:

* “Denmark”, conceived as a music video for The Portland Cello Project, a charming puppetry piece about a crustacean who dreams of the stars. Viewable on YouTube.

* “All the Time in the World“, where Bill discovers a way to rewind time.

* “TUB”, about a man who accidentally impregnates his bathtub. Some people (with delicate sensibilities) complained to the programmers, but I thought it was great. The cast had perfect comic timing. Trailer (yes, a trailer for a short) over here. Probably NSFW.

* “Televisnu”, a woman working in a call center in India tries to fix her computer & falls into another world. Trailer here. In general, I appreciated the non-American films, and would like to see more of that.

Bonus: “The Necronomicon” ad & trailer for “Pokémon Apokélypse“.

Fiber art bonus: “Zero“.

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