[If I were in the Academy…]

Inspired by Moira McDonald over at Popcorn & Prejudice, & not wanting to start a new project for the last half-hour of the day, I thought I’d do a little Best Picture ranking myself. I’m feeling sorta cocky this year because I saw all ten nominees in the theater & before they were announced. That will probably never happen again.

  1. Black Swan
  2. 127 Hours
  3. Winter’s Bone
  4. The Fighter
  5. Inception
  6. Toy Story 3
  7. The King’s Speech
  8. The Social Network
  9. The Kids Are All Right
  10. True Grit

That’s how I’d fill out my ballot, if I were an Oscar voter, which would never happen. Like McDonald, I’m not a ranking-movies sort of person typically. My year-end round-up is never as much a top ten than it is “here is a bunch of stuff I thought was cool this year”.

Here are things I thought were interesting about that exercise:

  1. I didn’t have to think about the top five at all. Just bam bam bam straight through. Slots 6-10 shifted around a bit before they settled.
  2. Even though I famously hate The Social Network, it didn’t rank last because I can’t argue with the quality of the craft. Sorkin’s script is excellent: it’s also bullshit.
  3. I haven’t been excited about The King’s Speech winning the various Guilds, except insofar as it’s perceived as a snub to TSN, and now I see why. (Also, I really wanted The Fighter to win best ensemble last night. SAG, why you gotta hate?)
  4. And at the end of the list, I think no one would care about The Kids are All Right if it wasn’t about a lesbian couple, and I feel like everyone else is seeing an entirely different movie than I did when I went to a cold & forgettable True Grit.

What do you guys think?

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  1. I love seeing people’s rankings, and *why* things ended up in that order. I have a vague plan to try to see these 10 before the Oscars, but it’s very hard to get myself out to a movie theatre. (Someone has to counterbalance you, right?)

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