[Four or so people who were underused in No Strings Attached]

Last week, against my better judgment, I caught a screening of No Strings Attached. I was mostly tricked by the supporting cast, most of whom deserved better:

1) Cary Elwes. I’m not sure why he was in the movie at all. His entire character could have been cut, and it would not have affected the story at all. I can only assume that his key scenes were deleted.

2) Greta Gerwig & Mindy Kaling. They’re both hilarious. I’d like to see a movie just with them.

3) Olivia Thirlby. I maybe just wanted more of her because she’s so damn pretty.

4) Whatever band was doing the bluegrass-y cover of “99 Problems” in the bar.

Four Other Things:

1) There is a 90210 joke that no one else laughed at, much like the Moesha reference in Going the Distance. I am old.

2) Kevin Kline was not underused. In fact, he was used pretty much exactly enough.

3) Jake Johnson was not nearly as crass as one might have expected, particularly one traumatized, as I was, by the brother in Love & Other Drugs.

4) It actually kind of works for the first half. So if you are, say, on a cross-country flight, you could watch it through to the fully-clothed spooning scene, and then switch to Mythbusters or something.