[Five Things About The Social Network]

Five Things About The Social Network:

1) I’m calling it now: TSN will be a Yuletide fandom. There’s no way that demographic will be able to resist Mark & Eduardo’s longing looks. Or Justin Timberlake. Or the fact that there are no ladies whose names you actually remember.

2) Andrew Garfield is definitely the best part. And Jesse Eisenberg was probably born to spout Sorkin’s dialogue.

3) The film was crazy dark, visually. I don’t know if that was a choice, or if it was just a Pacific Place projection failure.

4) The narrative device was effective, intertwining the creation of Facebook with the two lawsuits that followed.

5) I was interested the whole time, but now, less than a day later, it has basically flown out of my head. White man pain. What is the point?

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  1. That’s crazy, because then it will be ridiculously hard to see in theaters with shitty projection. Which is most of them.

    1. We saw it tonight – that Andrew Garfield is excellent! And I didn’t know the twins were faked! (Um, spoiler?)

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