[Subtitles of Doom]

I mentioned on Twitter last night that I had tried to watch A Very Long Engagement, but failed because the subtitles were so awful. Today I provide y’all with pictorial evidentiary support.

First, the italicized subtitles for voiceover:

engagement subtitles

Second, the only very slightly better regular dialogue subtitles:

engagement subtitles 2

Click through for the 1024×575 versions, which might actually be harder to read.

Now, here’s the thing. I get that my wee TV is not exactly the ideal situation for watching any film, let alone a subtitled one, but better there than not at all. And not infrequently subtitles are just small, so I have to watch a film up close on my laptop. But seriously. Bubble letters? The manufacturer could at least make an effort.

If anyone has suggestions as to a version of the film with legible subtitles, I would appreciate it!

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