[Sunday: Three Yes Three Movies]

* Secret #3 slayed me. It hit three major buttons. I can’t even be rational about it. I need to own it yesterday.

* Agora was a gorgeous film about the rise of Christianity in Alexandria, and how basically religion destroys everything. It made me think, oddly enough, of the effect of religion in The Tillman Story, where people have an incredibly difficult time processing/accepting the atheism of Pat Tillman (and, I believe, his family). Also, I was surprised to discover that though I can be relatively cool with gore, I felt physically ill when the Christian mob burned the glorious library of Alexandria. Once a librarian English major, always a librarian English major.

There was some awkwardness about halfway through, when the film skipped “a number of years”, but I rolled with it. Also, I developed a lexicon for the film The most important term is “practicing witchcraft”, which means “thinking while female”. Strictly forbidden. And I am quite certain that every time a character asserted that they were as Christian as someone, or that someone was as Christian as them, that there was a definite wink-wink behind that. Mass conversion & public demonstrations of faith are nothing if not political.

La plus ça change!

* All That I Love was a Polish coming-of-age story set in 1981, following a teenager and his punk band, through family, first love, and revolution. I quite liked it. I particularly enjoyed his relationship with his parents; it’s not what you would expect, especially with his father.