[Year in film: 2009 roundup]

Total: 108 (it would have been 110, but I was v sick during SIFF and missed two films I had tickets for. Boo.)
69 series: 21
Other revival: 13
Other festivals: 29
Free: 15
What remains: 30 (though even those 30 are a largely esoteric lot, including things like the Oscar shorts & the 4+ hour roadshow edition of Che. And some of them were free via volunteer vouchers.)

So, what we see from this is that the weird thing about this year is clearly that, even though I saw a lot of film, not much of it was actually released in 2009. But, onward! Totally random categories after the jump!

Movies I would not shut up about, and rightfully so, because they were awesome. If you haven’t seen them, fix that: The Hurt Locker, Medicine for Melancholy, Moon.

Movies I should have talked about more, because they were truly great and not enough people are talking about them: Wendy & Lucy, You the Living, Goodbye Solo, Anvil! The Story of Anvil.

Movies I loved and could never do justice to writing about: Where the Wild Things Are, A Serious Man, Up in the Air.

Other favorites: A Single Man, The Young Victoria, Up, The Fantastic Mr Fox, An Education.

Movies that were technically brilliant, but didn’t make it to my gut: Bright Star, Public Enemies (except for Marion Cotillard, especially at the end).

Movie that made it to my gut a little too much, and that I would be very happy to never see ever again: Precious.

Movie I refuse to see: Antichrist (and really, many more, but that one deserves a refusal award of its very own. I’m thinking of refusing to see Avatar, though. Discuss.)

Things I missed in the theater (because I suck) but were still great on DVD, and more people should see them: Silent Light, Funny People, The Cove, Herb & Dorothy, Sin Nombre, Julia, Away We Go.

Things that I’m still waiting to see: BROKEN EMBRACES, Crazy Heart, The Lovely Bones, Nine, etc etc.

Most overrated: Humpday. Ugh. And 500 (Days of) Summer.

Favorite popcorn movies: I Love You Man, OSS 117: Lost in Rio, Whip It!

Film reasons it would be very hard to move away from Seattle: Northwest Film Forum (69 Series, etc), SIFF (Noir City, the Festival, etc), & Metro Classics (which it should be a goal of mine to see more of next year — every one I’ve missed and stuck in my Netflix queue I wish I’d seen on the big screen). And did you know there are theaters in the city I have never been to? Seriously. Grand Illusion, I am looking at you in particular.

What was awesome that I missed?

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  1. (I am finally catching up on my google reader – nothing like end of the year posts halfway into January!)

    I am still bitter that my dad rejected “Young Victoria” for our Christmas Eve movie – for no reason that I could understand, since he loves that sort of movie. Not that I can’t see it on my own, but I feel like it would have been a great choice.

    Also, I have heard only good things about “Up in the Air” from people I trust, and I am very excited to eventually get around to seeing it. 😀

  2. I, like Rachel, am also still getting my Google Reader feed under control. Finally.

    I enjoy your categories. I especially agree with your “other favorites” list, and the one right above it. I haven’t seen A Serious Man yet, but the rest, I loved!

    I really can’t believe I haven’t seen Hurt Locker yet. This week, hopefully!

    And I’m scared to see Precious, although I should.

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