[69 Series]

Guys, the 69 Series at the Northwest Film Forum was basically the cheapest intro to film class ever. I bought the series pass thinking, well. $69 is about seven movies. There would definitely be that many I wanted to see, and there would probably be more I would see if they were already paid for. Since that’s how my mind works. I saw 21, which works out to a little over $3 a film. Most worth it, in my opinion, and I finally joined the Film Forum while I was at it.

I saw a lot of great stuff, that I’ve talked about before, but the best surprises had to be The Rain People (very early Coppola) & Salesman (a documentary about door-to-door Bible salesmen).

Ones I’m kicking myself for missing: too many to list. Pretty much everything where I decided I was too busy or too sick or too tired or flat-out misread the calendar. I particularly regret missing Fellini’s Satyricon, thinking it was playing the full week. D’oh.

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  1. Satyricon is a thing of beauty: Fellini takes a transgressive ancient text to upend our post-Christian stereotypes about the ancient world, telling a story so far from the pieties of Ben Hur or Gladiator that it can seem like science fiction. Far from it, however, Satyicon is the genuine article: seen through a Fellini’s monstrous vocabulary, the story of young men ridiculously in lust reflects the acerbic sexual wit of Nero’s very own court poet. Yeah, I’m a fan … 🙂

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