[Still a little Wild]

I saw Where the Wild Things Are for the second time this weekend, and it seemed like a good excuse to throw some Rolling Stone links at y’all: Dave Eggers’ Monster Project: Behind “The Wild Things” (now I really want to read that, because, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I am a sucker for that sort of multiple retelling thing) & Maurice Sendak, King of All Wild Things (a profile from 1976).

I still loved the movie, by the way. It’s beautiful & frightening, just as it should be. Of course, I was an angry & lonely kid too; I just directed it all inside instead.

(It’s only the second film I have seen twice this year. The first was Let the Right One In. If it had played for a full week at NWFF, though, I would have made it to Wings of Desire again, because that movie is *amazing*.)

Tonight, Invictus. Stay tuned.