[Visions of childhood]

Every time I see a preview I think I’ll manage to write about it before the movie actually comes out. Every time I am wrong. Oops.

Monday we went to a highly anticipated screening of Where the Wild Things Are. Earlier in the day I had come across this roundtable discussion with Sendak, Jonze, and Eggers, and basically I could not have been more excited. (That article is very worth reading, actually. How you feel about it should pretty accurately predict how you’ll react to the movie.) It’s just marvelous. A beautiful, frightening film about childhood, which is not the same thing as a film for children. As soon as I saw the reference to My Life as a Dog in the roundtable, I knew it would all be okay, and it was. I rather desperately want to see it again.

Wednesday was the SIFF Supporters Meeting, with a preview of Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire. I almost didn’t go because I knew it would be upsetting (hello, understatement!), but I decided I wanted in on the award season conversation about it, and that it was highly unlikely I’d manage to actually go and pay for it. It’s an exceedingly difficult film, raw horror made only slightly bearable by a multitude of fantastic performances. This film beats you up from beginning to end, and though I think I’m glad I saw it, I can’t think of a single person I’d recommend it to.