[DVD roundup]

Once the film festival ended, I reactivated my Netflix account. Oh, you lucky people!

* Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Not my favorite of the Apatovian genre, but these two things I much adored: Paul Rudd being decidedly not typical Paul Rudd, and the puppet vampire musical. I swear, if people had told me earlier about the musical, I would have seen the damn thing in the theater. This probably says too much about me.

* Old Joy. Two old friends reunite for a road trip to a hot springs in the Cascades. Humpday totally lifted these character types, making Old Joy the interesting & awkward, reconnecting-masculine-friendship part of Humpday without the angry-making trading on straight privilege in pursuit of ‘art’. I actually got it because it’s from the same director as Wendy & Lucy, which is one of my favorite films so far this year. Old Joy is good, but Wendy & Lucy is better. (No, I am not just saying this because I love Michelle Williams.)

* Gran Torino is a difficult movie to pin down. It was extremely effective storytelling (also, which no one has mentioned, gorgeous cinematography), but I finished it with a lot of complicated feelings about the racial politics of it, a problem regarding which others have spoken better than I could manage in general, let alone in a capsule post.

* The Wrestler. I missed an opportunity to see this for free before it came out, and I am glad I did. I think the fighting scenes in particular would have been too intense, but at home on the TV the impact was lessened to some extent. Still compelling, though.

* Nothing but the Truth. I think this went straight to video, which is unfortunate. It’s a solid film with a stronge ensemble including the always-worth-watching Vera Farmiga, story inspired by the Valerie Plame case. Good stuff.

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  1. so with you on paul rudd and the vampire puppet musical. nobody thought to tell me about the musical, either, until the movie was out of theaters. boo!

  2. I mostly enjoyed Sarah Marshall when I saw it (with my Mom!) but had some issues (mostly about Sarah being portrayed as such a bitch when I thought it was clear that she had tried really hard to help Marshall Jason Segal The Main Guy through his stuff.

    I read a really scathing online essay about it, but of course now can’t find it.

  3. It’s totally true. I am sitting it out, though. I’m too tied up in Gran Torino & Humpday — can’t get mad about everything all the time. Sigh.

  4. It’s one of those things where I see it and am entertained and then later start thinking about it and go “HEY”.

    (But I did like the Dracula puppet, and that’s a big part of what got him the Muppet movie writing gig?)

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