[Pre-festival round-up]

Tonight I see my first movie of the festival, so let’s clean out this Google Doc so I’ll be ready.

* Senator Obama Goes to Africa does not exist on the IMDb, so have the Senator’s page instead. It’s not any sort of grand campaign document, but I found it interesting. It is pretty PBSy. My favorite moment was when he was visiting the jail where Nelson Mandela was held, and he’s told of how the prisoners missed being around children. All throughout, really, the way he really listens to people is great, but that was a particularly striking moment.

* I only went to Then She Found Me because it was a SIFF members screening & I was a little intrigued by the cast. It’s really just an elevated Lifetime movie. The interesting thing about it is the direction of the actors, which is a natural result of actors directing. For example, I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen such an ugly performance out of Colin Firth. Still, easily skippable. I think it’s already out of theaters here.

* The Counterfeiters was this year’s winner of the Oscar for a film in a foreign language. I’d like to think that if The Band’s Visit had qualified (how I rage against that disqualification!) it would have at least been close. The Counterfeiters was solid, but not great, though it did cover a little-known part of Nazi history.

…that’s all for now, folks! I have twenty two SIFF films lined up, which is, I think, the same as last year. I will try to keep relatively on top of posting about it. I know you’re all excited.