[In theater part four: shorts]

Finally, I saw some collections of shorts:

The Third Annual Science Fiction Short Film Festival showed in two parts at the Cinerama.I feel like the lineup was weaker this year. My favorites were Operation: Fish (I have no idea if that link works, because YouTube is blocked here, but it’s a stop-motion piece involving goldfish, a criminal mastermind, and a time displacement gun. AWESOME) and Four Corners (a live action short where a bicyclist encounters a mysterious red light in the desert). The festival prize apparently went to “Forecast”, which I didn’t think was all that great. I can’t find who got the Audience Prize. Fail, Internets.

I also went to the Oscar nominated short films, both Animated and Live Action, and I thought they were all pretty mediocre. Some of the animation was cool, but the stories were unimpressive.