I saw stuff! It ruled! I am going to see lots more starting tonight, though, so let’s catch up right quick.

* 3:10 to Yuma. I liked it a lot, but didn’t *love* it. I hadn’t paid much attention to casting beyond the obvious, though, and was delighted to get so much Dallas Roberts. He’s worth seeing in anything.

* Dan in Real Life. I hit this free screening because I kinda dug a lot of people in the cast & because all the music was done by Sondre Lerche. It’s your standard romcom, but I thought it had charm. You have to know, though, that I am a sucker for any sort of performance in a film, and this one had a family improv-round-the-piano *and* a family talent show. Pure win, so far as I am concerned, especially as one of the brothers is played by Norbert Leo Butz.

* Lust, Caution. Eagerly anticipated by me, obviously, as I am a huge Tony Leung fan. And that Ang Lee guy isn’t bad either. I read a lot of mixed reviews before I went, and they’re all wrong. It was an utterly gorgeous film, it did not feel nearly as long as it was, and the critical obsession with the sex in it says a lot more about the critics than it does about the sex.

* Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Hello, awards season. Beautiful film, unsurprising to anyone who saw the first one. I’m still just utterly delighted that we got a sequel at all, and it’s marvelous. I’m looking forward to the inevitable special edition of the two films.

* The Darjeeling Limited. Oh Wes. Thank you. At this point I don’t adore it like I do Rushmore & Tenenbaums, but I really like it a lot and am looking forward to seeing it again. I’ve read a lot of meta on Anderson this week, but most of it has been really reductive, some to the degree you’re wondering if people are seeing the same movies. The obvious example is criticism of the treatment of India in Darjeeling, which tends to skip over little things like facts, and also that the film is clearly critical of the brothers’ use of India. Basically, I want to shake authors and ask if they’re paying attention. If Anderson’s weird about anything (and lord knows he is, and that’s why I love him) he’s weird about *women*. Discuss. (Also, Adrien Brody is painfully attractive. I’m just saying.)

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  1. I had no interest in Dan in Real Life, and then I heard the soundtrack and found out that Norbert Leo Butz is in it, and now I kind of have to. Although not as much as I have to see Elizabeth and Lust, Caution!

  2. Yeah, I certainly wouldn’t tell anyone they had to run out and see it, but for those things (and for the fact that I like Steve Carell in spite of never seeing “The Office”) it’s totally worth a Zip. Also, there was not so much Dane Cook that I was annoyed, which had been a concern.

  3. So glad we got to see Elizabeth before I read any reviews. Reading them after having experienced the movie, I was like “WTF?!” My enjoyment is however undiminished.

    Relatedly, and I were inspired to sit down and watch the Glenda Jackson/Vanessa Redgrave Mary Queen of Scots, the other night. Redgrave’s Mary actually isn’t all that interesting, but Glenda Jackson’s Elizabeth makes a fascinating heavy (poor Mary can’t even dominate her own life story–maybe she’ll come off better in the Scarlett Johanson version, next year …).

    On balance, I think I like Helen Mirren’s and Cate Blanchet’s Elizabeths better, though: just as machiavellian as Jackson’s wily harpy, but sexier, more explosive. (“My bitches wear my collars!”)

    I really need to loan you Mirren’s Elizabeth I when I give you Dexter back. Love to hear what you think of it.

    Speaking of which, sorry about this weekend–my schedule has been largely consumed by work, cleaning out the old apartment, dealing with the new kitten. Anyway, I know you’re busy being gay. 🙂

    Maybe next week …?

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