[And on with the rest of the show]

Free previews for the win!

* Nancy Drew was totally fluffy and charming. I like Emma Roberts anyway, and I thought it was a slick move to transport the story to LA, to cut down on comparisons to the books. I mean, it’s a teen movie, not Oscar fodder. But I dug it. Nancy Drew = v resourceful, and I totally need her Guide to Life.

* I really wanted to love Ratatouille (It’s a Pixar movie! Starring a rat!) But… I didn’t. I liked it a -lot-. The rat was great, the story was cute, the animation was, seriously, stunning & beautiful. Plus, Peter O’Toole as the eeeevil critic! But the character of the young chef that Our Rattie Hero hooks up with totally irritated me. Especially his insistence on calling Remy “little chef” for the entire film. I know, it’s dumb, but it totally grated.

* I went to Day Watch because it was free and I thought it would look cool on the big screen. I am still not certain that the series makes any sense, but it looks awesome, and I love the way it ended. Also, there was some fun genderfuck in this one, which got laughs from the audience, but I really didn’t feel the film was playing it that way.