I’d heard a lot of buzz about Waitress — probably an inevitable effect of reading Whedonesque — but I had really gone to see it mostly for Nathan Fillion, and for that it was definitely worth it.

The casting all-round was great. I had a good time at it, there were lots of things I really liked, and I haven’t seen a movie in some time that felt or looked the way this one does in a while, but I still have issues with the ending and some of the characterization. It’s clear, though, that Shelly was a great talent, and it’s a tragedy that we won’t see more work from her.

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  1. whee! the fillion rocks socks!!

    I havent been to see waitress though, because I need to have enough monies to pay for my celly and my budget is TIGHT.

  2. It would be an okay one to see on DVD too — it doesn’t have to be in the theater.

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