Before I went to see it, I read a lot of debate over which of the Grindhouse features was the best. Watching it I thought I had a clear winner, but the more I think back on it, the more I think they were both just awesome in their own ways. “Planet Terror” was the more obviously entertaining of the two, and I always love a good zombie movie, but “Death Proof” was a well-crafted feature that was basically just a car chase, and -that- is just amazing.

The film’s not doing well, and apparently for the overseas market they’re splitting the two, expanding them, and releasing them separately, which saddens me. I loved both movies, but I also dug on the entire package: the fake trailers, the local ads, the experience of the missing reels, and the whole intertextuality of the two films with each other & with the ads.

I’ve also heard that they’ll be split in DVD release, which is annoying.