[Bergman triple play]

More from the Janus festival:

* The Seventh Seal. At first I thought I had made a terrible mistake scheduling a film about death at the end of a really long day, but I was totally taken by surprise by how accessible it was, as well as by the amount of humor. That’s not to say it isn’t a grim film, but it is beautiful & full of humanity.

* Wild Strawberries was simple & beautiful, sad but also hopeful. It’s the one in this set that I am most likely to revisit in future.

* Fanny & Alexander. Sprawling, moving, lusty, colorful. We got the short (3 hour) version in Seattle, but I’d LOVE to see the full 5+ hour version. Luckily it’s available in the Criterion edition, so someday, maybe.

It’s been such an amazing experience getting to see all of these films on the big screen! Television just doesn’t cut it, folks.