We saw Zodiac on opening night, in a packed house. I was excited because I had enjoyed Fincher’s previous work (Se7en, Fight Club, Panic Room) and I had great fondness for pretty much the entire cast. (I read a comment recently about Mark Ruffalo, full of “who is this guy and where has he been?” and I was like, “Hello! You Can Count on Me! Where have -you- been?”) ((Also, he was on an episode of “due South.” Hee.))

BUT ANYWAY. I thought the movie was fantastic. Of course, I was going in expecting a movie about obsession and not a movie about a murderer, and I suspect that might have made a difference. It just totally and completely sucked me into that world for nearly three hours, and when the movie ended I was really dazed to return to the real world. Which isn’t something that happens a lot to me, at least not to that degree.

(Also, in a film with an all-around great cast, I was delighted by two unexpected cameos — Clea DuVall & Ione Skye.)