A restored print of Becket is making the rounds, and hit Seattle last month. Awesome. I try to take advantage of revival film as much as possible, because there’s nothing like seeing movies on the big screen, and this was no exception.

It was both funnier and more queer than I had expected. And it was fantastic to see young O’Toole, so soon after seeing Venus. Now I need to put a hold on The Lion in Winter.

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  1. I love Becket. I was going to say you now need to see The Lion in Winter but you already know that. Who else played the same historical person twice in unrelated films? I am sure there are others but I can’t think of any, can you?

  2. I actually had them out from the library not that long ago, but when I realized we were getting Becket I decided to wait.

    There must be more, but I can’t think at all today. I looked to see if there was a list on Wikipedia, but there wasn’t. Woe.

  3. I adore Becket. It’s one of those movies where you think, “Wow, they could actually get away with making movies much, much gayer back then.”

    I was pained by the trailer for it that Landmark cinemas was showing, though. It was the original trailer, and apparently movie trailers were much longer back in the 1960s, and even more prone than modern trailers to give away every plot point of the movie. Also, they had really lame voiceovers.

  4. They really, really could.

    I didn’t see the trailer, for which I am grateful. But I’ve noticed that tendency in other trailers on DVD releases and such. It’s amazing to think they could be worse than modern ones, but it’s true.

  5. We’ll have to do some research and write our own article on wiki! I’m going to start asking my friends if they know any.

  6. That was me of course. I always forget that I have to sign in when I’m at school using a shared computer.

  7. I thought so 🙂

    It’d be interesting. I’m sort of amazed there isn’t one already. I should look harder.

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