I had expected this weekend to be all about “due South”, so boy was I surprised when it turned into Alan Davies-O-Rama. Not that I had a problem with it, mind you, but if I’d known I would have brought my external hard drive instead of my dS dvds. So now I’ve finished “QI” Series 1. We saw some of series 2 (wherein Alan Davies cut his hair) and series 3 (wherein the curls were back, thank god). Plus, I had Alan Davies: Urban Trauma, which was brilliant and we hurt ourselves laughing. (If anyone knows where I can get his other show, Live at the Lyric, please let me know. I’m only seeing it on PAL tape, and even that’s not actually available.)

On the bus to and from I finished the first series of “Life on Mars“, which is just so fantastic I can’t even tell you. Tonight’s the third episode of the second (and last) series. This is something I love about television from the UK: shows that stay tight and awesome and end when the story ends instead of dragging on forever *cough*TheXFiles*cough*Lost*cough*

Back to Seattle yesterday to a mailbox full of Netflix. I started with Henry Fool, which comes with all manner of critical whatsit and… I hated and did not finish it. Take that, critics. I swapped it out for Educating Rita, a good move, as that one I loved, as well as liked much better than Alfie, also from the team of Gilbert & Caine. Finally, Shopgirl, which I had put off for some time because I had this theory that I was going to read the book… yeah, right. The film was flawed but beautiful.

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  1. the book is good (weird, being jane austen from a super-hetero-male perspective, & also i quibbled with some art-wolrd portrayals) & very short.

    i haven’t seen the movie, but i’d like to.

  2. alan davies alan davies alan davies! i have lived this long not knowing who this is, but somehow that all is about to change, hmmm?

    i think the only hal hartley movie i’ve seen is trust which i remember as EXCELLENT. because martin donovan. oh deah!

  3. The movie was kind of weird too. But I think I liked it. I knew the book was short, but I still haven’t managed. Why is there so little time in a day? Or why do I have to spend so much of it at work?

  4. Indeed! Well, possibly. I’m not about to stop going on about him any time soon, that’s for sure. Alan!

    I have not seen that. But Martin Donovan is excellent in general.

  5. It was so fabulous to have other people to explode with glee with in person 🙂 Oh, -Alan-!

  6. Never stop talking about him, because i have come to understand that you are almost always right.

    i suddenly crave martin donovan!

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