[End of January]

* I only got to watch the first disc of My Voyage to Italy because the second disc was cracked. Woe! I put a hold on it at the library instead of having Netflix send me another one, because I need to watch the seventy billion Italian films I have listed from the first half alone before I dare continue on. It’s really a fantastic documentary, basically a master class in Italian film, and it kicked up my Scorsese love a few notches, a thing I had not thought possible.

* Kitchen Stories charmed the pants off of me. It’s a really quiet film about a project in the 50s, where Swedish researchers tracked the kitchen movements of Norwegian bachelors, with an eye to increasing efficiency. Wait! Come back! It’s beautifully shot & acted, and full of sly, subtle humor, when the observer and the observed inevitably interact.

* I added Sherrybaby because I like Maggie Gyllenhaal, and she is absolutely the main reason to watch it. Also, there was a surprisingly touching performance (to me, anyway) by Danny Trejo.

* And as for Bridget Jones’s Diary, well. We all have our cheese. And I needed something on while I packed. And Colin Firth is hot.

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  1. Danny Trejo is the shit!

    Yeah, there’s no point to this comment, but I’ve been a fan of his for years. And most people don’t know who he is even though they’ve probably seen him in at least one film.

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