[Little Children]

Another film that I was afraid I missed, Little Children has had its run extended thanks to critical acclaim & a few Oscar nods, all of which are deserved. I had been eager to see it as a fan of Field’s earlier film In the Bedroom, and like that, it was a deceptively simple story told in a really compelling way. I am still turning it over in my mind. Strong performances all ’round, particularly Jackie Earle Haley, who hasn’t been seen in anything since 1993. Dude.

(And Patrick Wilson? Too pretty. He looks like a Ken doll. I don’t believe he’s a real person. It’s kind of unsettling.)

9 Replies to “[Little Children]”

  1. Eek. Although, I guess it is comforting to know he’s not a robot. At least, not initially.

  2. My sister was on tour with him for, like, a year. I can ask her if there was anything suspicious. Hee. 🙂

  3. The intarwebs need to know! Is he real or is he robot? Did he sleep or did he just go “whirrrr” and shut down?

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