[So, we had snow days. Many snow days.]


* West Wing, Season 1 was a rewatch. Such fantastic television, but you all knew that already.
* Jeeves & Wooster, Season 4. So very, very OTP.
* Black Books, Season 3. Worth it for the children’s book episode alone.


* Waydowntown, added to the queue for Don McKellar. Surprised to see Ethan from QaF US as the lead. Bunch of office workers make a bet to see who can last the longest without going outside. Not as good as it thinks it is, but better than expected. Loved the lighting — made everyone look like zombies.
* Bullitt. Awesome. Obviously.
* Drop Dead Fred. Oh Phoebe Cates. You are so pretty. I am sorry that you stopped acting to have babies.
* The Philadelphia Story. Hee. Tis fabulous, but how could it not be?
* Rub & Tug. Another added to the queue for Don. Bad idea.
* I Heart Huckabees, I loved. Don’t know why it took me so long to see it. Also, the music was fantastic, but as it was by Jon Brion that should not be a surprise.
* Poltergeist was great. Annnnd…


* …Seven Up & 7 Plus Seven are super-interesting, just in the contrast between ages seven and fourteen. I look forward to watching the rest of the series. I think they are up to 49 now.

10 Replies to “[So, we had snow days. Many snow days.]”

  1. Jeeves is all “Oh, fear not, I will protect you from all those damn women if you just take me on vacation” and Bertie is all “OKAY!”


  2. I was wandering around my apartment going, “It’s not there either!” and collapsing in giggles. Clearly my sanity is in question.

  3. how on earth is it possible that i saw i heart huckabees bfore you? that’s ridiculous. also, i watched seven up and some snippets of…the 28 one, i think, in class last month. awesome.

  4. omg, marky mark in i heart huckabees, never hotter. never hotter.

    i love that slightly exasperated but clearly all smitten jeeves face when getting his bertie out of a jam.

  5. Because the world is strange and wrong. Or … because I just happened to miss it 🙂

    I just went in and added the rest of the Up series to my queue.

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