[So, I was sick.]

* The Lost Room is utter crap. Although, we did sit through the whole thing, so who knows. And I still really want that bus ticket. The objects were cool. But seriously. Peter & Juliana. You are both hot. How is it that you have NO CHEMISTRY?

* Brick. Still awesome.

* 10 Things I Hate About You. Guilty pleasure. Can’t help it.

* The Baby-sitters Club. Oh, shut up. Also, okay. So the director also did Slap Her … She’s French. Can anyone tell me if that movie is great-terrible or just terrible-terrible? Because Piper Perabo is way cute.

* Sleepless in Seattle. So technically it’s formulaic and a stalker film. I still heart it.

* An American in Paris. Not my favorite Gene Kelly, but on the other hand, you can’t go wrong with Gene Kelly.

* The Descent. Eeee this was great. I wish it had played here for more than five minutes, because it really deserved to be seen in the theater.

3 Replies to “[So, I was sick.]”

  1. I am hereby decreeing that there is no reason to feel guilt about 10 Things I Hate About You or The Baby-sitters Club. So it is written, and so shall it be.

  2. Okay, but you forgot to say that we had SO MUCH FUN watching “The Lost Room”! ‘Cause we did.

    I wish we’d talked about The Descent last night! I kinda want to see it and would love to hear your thoughts about it so I could make a more informed decision.

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