[Totally the end of 2006]

* Stick It. Shut up. It is awesome.
* Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. MST3Ked, though. I don’t see how one could stand to watch it otherwise.
* Bad Girls from Valley High -or- A Fate Totally Worse Than Death. This was bad, and not in an entertaining way. Oh no. It was bad in that it destroyed my will to live.
* Black Books Series 1. (Because we needed something to repair the damage from the last three movies.)
* Joyeux Noël. Interesting interview with the director about his research for the film. Apparently some stories he toned down, even though they were true, because he didn’t think the audience would believe them.
* A Streetcar Named Desire. Classic! See, sometimes I have taste!
* In Her Shoes. I love this movie. Damnit.
* Hook. Robin Williams chews scenery! There are improbably cameos! We followed it up with the most recent Peter Pan, but I was dead of plague and slept through most of it.

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  1. It’s so tragic that Bad Girls… was so horrible. I mean, really! It was ripe – overripe! – with material and possibility! It could have been one of the best bad movies ever! Sigh.

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