[Almost the end of 2006]

In the interest of clearing out the file, straight on list with links:

* My Man Godfrey. William Powell fantastic as usual, but I hate the ending. She’s so -dumb-! Perhaps this is because I was raised on The Thin Man.
* Alfie. (The original, obviously.)
* Peter’s Friends. Seriously, why is this not on DVD?
* Arrested Development Seasons 2&3. Yay!
* The Ref. Definitely my favorite Christmas movie.
* The Nightmare Before Christmas. So lucky to have this on DVD.

2 Replies to “[Almost the end of 2006]”

  1. Oh, Peter’s Friends, how I love you. I don’t know why it hasn’t been released on DVD. I thought it had in the U.K.? But maybe not. I did hear once that it was perhaps because they couldn’t get the rights to use the songs on the DVD release. But I’m not sure.

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